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Issue 2 | October 2006
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Another Exciting Month!

Wow, a month has just flown by! I hope you had a fun filled (and safe) Halloween.

First of all, thank you very much for a very overwhelming response to my first newsletter. I have to apologize for the fact that I have not completed answering all the e-mails yet; here's the reason:

A lot happened in October, the biggest that had the most impact on my life is that I got laser eye surgery. I had my surgery in mid-October, and my vision is improving slowly -- I can already see much better than I could before, but it is difficult to make out the details right now, making it difficult to read computer screens. I have been told that this is to be expected so there is nothing to worry about, and I will read and return all the e-mails as soon as it becomes easier to read again.

Meanwhile, I have switched mobile phone company to Rogers, and you can now reach me at 604-307-8717. Please give me a call when you have a chance!

Christmas Is in the Air

[Picture of a young quartet.]As it happened, I began and ended October with the same group of people. On Halloween night, I was rehearsing with the Gentlemen of Fortune, which is a barbershop chorus that I have been singing with for over a year now. At the beginning of the month, we were down in Spokane, Washington to compete for the Evergreen District title. I am happy to report that the Gentlemen of Fortune came in third in the district, and my friend's quartet TILT came in fourth in the quartet contest!

On Saturday, December 2 the Gentlemen of Fortune will be putting on the annual Christmas show. This year the show is titled "A Christmas Homecoming," featuring the 2005 world champion quartet Real Time, 2005 Far Western District quartet champion Hi-Fidelity from California, and 2006 senior world champion quartet Antique Gold. Tickets are $23, $18 for senior/students for the evening show at 8pm, and $16 for the matinée at 2pm.

Breaking the Pattern

I worked in Toronto a few years ago at a major financial institution. It was the stereotype office job: it went from 9:30 to 5:30 everyday, came complete with dress code and a somewhat rigid lunch break schedule. In fact, the routine has it such that I would see the same people every morning in the street car and subway.

One morning I asked myself, "Is this really something I want to do the rest of my life, trapped in a pattern?" Life was really not so awfully exciting to be running on a 24-hour repeat cycle, yet the same people probably still take the same subway every morning in Toronto. What makes them decide everyday to do the same thing?

Fear and Obligations

[In a Toronto subway station, you'll find the same people every morning and evening.]For many of us, obligations keep us in a pattern -- I have to go to work to keep the money coming to pay the bills, the mortgage. The obligations come from fear -- if I stop working, the paycheques will stop coming and I won't be able to pay for my mortgage and the bad people will come and take my house away. One member of my family told me, "If I mortgage my free-and-clear house and invest in other houses and the market crashes, the bank will take away my home!" Thoughts like those prevent us from making any changes at all, even when we know it is for the better.

Fear -- or as some people call it, False Evidence Appearing Real -- is all in our head. Our mind makes up all sorts of crazy possibilities suitable for day-time soap opera to prevent us from making changes because it is uncomfortable ("What if, heaven forbid, I'm unhappy when I become successful!"). It is not to say that everything outside our comfort zone is good; with proper preparation and analysis, there is nothing stopping us from making a move, aside from ourselves. In fact, we are put in the position to make a decision all the time between something good outside our comfort zone and something that's easy and comfy.

For the next month, I invite you to just simply be aware when you make these decisions, and remember, "Everything you want that you don't have already is outside your comfort zone!"

Fears in Real Estate

[Had my fears stopped me, I would not have bought this beautiful townhouse in Edmonton]Many of the fears that people have about real estate are genuine concerns. Markets don't always go up, there are going to be months when a property is untenanted, and, yes, every-so-often a house does catch fire. Yet, all the real estate investors play by similar rules and some are extremely successful. What's their secret?

Well, a good real estate investor doesn't buy only in his/her backyard, but does extensive research in an area to ensure that the area has a future before actively making offers. He/she makes plans to account for the unexpected, and buys insurance for the unforeseeable. This is why I spent some time and money to go up to Prince George a few months ago to see for myself that it is indeed a good city to invest in, and to spend some time with the realtor I plan on working with.

Well, that's it for October! Looking back at the intentions I wrote down in May for 2006, I am aiming to purchase two more units of properties the end of the year. November is going to be action month for Will to meet the goals!

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