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Issue 3 | November 2006
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Merry Christmas!

[Shovelling? In Vancouver?]It's that time of the year again, and I want to first of all wish you a merry Christmas!

There has been a lot of snow and winter in Vancouver, and isn't it pretty! Unfortunately I have not had time to get my snowboard out yet to really play in the snow, but I hope that it will happen soon!

Christmas Time is Show Time!

Christmas is a time for joy and sharing, and the performer part of me gets into work to share the joy. As I mentioned last month, my barbershop chorus, Gentlemen of Fortune, will be putting on our annual Christmas show on December 2. Some of the best singers will be there and you should not miss it!

I have also be busy at work with Pacific Dreams Theatre Society, an organization founded by July Ono and Steve Cain, rehearsing for Aladdin, a comedic pantomime that will bring laughs to your whole family. For the curious, I will be playing a Chinese cop who loves sweets, which is not too far from my true self. I invite you to come out to a show and get in touch with the holiday spirits! The shows run between December 21 and July 6, you can find more information at the Pacific Dreams Theatre Society Web site.

Fast Track to Cashflow

Will with Darren and SelenaHave you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki? It is a great book that puts financial freedom in layman's terms and explains that it can be simple and obtainable. The Canadian representative for the Rich Dad organization, Darren Weeks, put on a great event, Fast Track to Cashflow, which supports the concepts behind the book and helps people network.

The most powerful thing I learned about from the event is first impressions. A few participants were put on the stage and everyone was asked to share their opinions on each participant based simply on how they look. The result really made an impression on me. People make a judgement, consciously or subconsciouly, on your income level, education, sex appeal, and trustworthiness, and this will have an impact on the relationship and ultimately the network you build from there.

The concepts come from the book Power Manners, which is a great book with suggestions on how to dress for success. If you are interested in a seminar that teaches you about financial freedom and puts in touch with like-minded people, you should definitely pay Darren a visit at his Fast Track to Cashflow event!

Your Financial Blueprint

Secrets of the Millionaire MindMany people have dreams of winning the lottery. "I will enjoy life when I am rich." "I will start investing when I have money." As a result, they never end up doing anything because they confuse the symptom with the cause, and they allow the symptoms to stop them.

The fact is, my net worth reflects my ability to manage money, and before I learn to manage my money better, I will not be able to retain more net worth. Even if I win the lottery, without the proper know-how, I will not be able to retain most of the money. As Darren puts it, it is like pouring too much water into a small glass; only so much water can be retained and the rest just overflows. Before we increase the size of the glass (context), we cannot keep more water (content).

One of the best seminars I have ever been to is called the Millionaire Mind Intensive, which is a highly experiencial seminar where you learn about your money blueprint and how it affects your life. Once you recognize your financial blueprint, you can then decide if you need to make changes by taking action. The next MMI takes place from January 19 to 21, from Thursday to Sunday. As an alumnus I am able to get you a good deal for enrolling in the seminar, be sure to leave me a message if you intend on learning more about your financial blueprint, and how you can take it to the next level!

Taking Action!

[My Prince George Triplex]I truly believe in taking action. In the last month I realized that I am a much better learner when I take action in spite of fear of making mistakes -- I just need to think about my experience snowboarding, swing dancing, hobbies that were extremely uncomfortable to begin with. Even the mistakes I made became great lessons and propelled me to be better at the hobby.

For most of November I was looking a a triplex in Prince George -- I was literally just looking at it without doing anything. I was unsure of the numbers and hence the fear of making a mistake stopped me from even making an offer. I eventually spoke to my real estate mentor, Selena Cheung, about the triplex and she helped me realize my fears. I finally made an offer to purchase the triplex. There were many counter offers between the two parties; I learned a lot during the process and, eventually, one of my offers was accepted!

The triplex has below market rent and once the time comes to increase rent amount it will be a great cashflow property. My team of professionals up in Prince George -- realtor, property manager and inspector -- will be inspecting the property this week to help me clear the subjects, and I am looking forward to closing this deal!

Well, that's it for this issue. Enjoy a great holiday season and we'll be in touch again close to the new year!

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