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Issue 10 | July 2007
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Grouse Grind Superteam Challenge, Month 2

[Will and Jason, waiting for the Gondola]It's been another month of a flurry of activities. For one, the weather has been quite a blessing in the Lower Mainland the last little while, which allows for some much drier Grouse Grind runs. In case you are wondering, I am still participating in the Grounse Grind Superteam Challenge, to which I have committed 25 ascends up one of the most popular and diffcult trails in Vancouver in order to raise money for BC Lung Association.

As of now I have completed 12 hikes and have lowered my time from over 70 minutes to just under 51 minutes, less than a minute away from my goal of a 50-minute completion time. I am very excited about the progress that is being made by me and my team and I am looking forward to completing the challenge in August! Please visit my Superteam Challenge homepage regularly to monitor my progress and make a donation!

Will Chen, Now a Skydiving Rookie

[Showing off Our Skydiving Certificates]After about a year of convincing, my buddy, Mark Carter, has finally gotten me to commit to a trip out to the DZ (Drop Zone) in Pitt Meadows with him to risk my life on a tandem skydiving journey.

Like most people, I had my reservations on the idea of falling through air, not to mention for a whole minute from 12,000 feet above the ground. In fact, somehow the concept of jumping out of an airplane in mid-air does not register as logical in my head either.

Mark had organized to have 6 people jump on that fateful Sunday. It was not easy getting there -- I picked up 3 other work mates from all over Lower Mainland so they may face the earth from more than 3 kilometers away, and we all drove down together. Since Canadian regulations do not allow people to be dropped through the clouds, we waited on the ground for 5 hours before the sun finally showed us its face.

At 5:10PM the airplane lifted off. 10 minutes later, we would reach our destination in the air. I was the first tandem student to jump out, and I hesitated as I put my feet at the edge of the little cabin door, like I practised many times on the ground. I looked down, and felt myself facing certain death for the first time. With a large dose of adrenaline I jumped through the air as my instructor guided me into a flip, then down, down I go. I could see forever! As I reach terminal velocity, I was simply floating in air at zero gravity, as I notice the ground getting a little bit bigger at a time.

And what an experience that was! Facing fear and doing it anyway reaps great rewards! On the right you see the group proudly showing off the hard-earned cerificate of our first tandem skydive. I will be returning on August 12th to begin my solo training, please let me know if you are interested in tagging along!

(Ah yes. The headline photo is, in fact, yours truly, up-side-down in mid-air, just out of the plane.)

Eating Right, Looking Awesome, and Feeling Great

[You Are What You Eat cover]

So I talked a bit about eating last month. One thing I find very interesting about eating is that although each of us eat regularly, many of us don't understand what we're eating.

I think the best example is the common misconception about fats. Over the last few decades we have been programmed that fat is bad in general. In fact, there is a reason why EFAs are called essential fatty acids.

You have probably heard of omega-3 and omega-6 before. These are, in fact, the two families of EFAs. A balanced diet of the two will bring more energy and stablize mood since they help carry oxygen and electrons through our body; in fact, they also help regular our blood sugar level, which helps people lose weight by controlling the sugar cravings due to low blood sugar level. Now, our bodies are not capable of producing EFA, so it is very important to have them in your diet! Some of the food sources include fish, flax seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, leafy vegetables, and (my favourite!) avocado. These foods have provided me with the much needed energy while I exercise and make better choices with my diet in order to meet my goal of 180 pounds.

Seminar of the Century

[A View of Seminar of the Century]From July 6 to 8 I spent a weekend in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado, to attend the Seminar of the Century: Woodstock for the Mind. What a seminar! The list of speakers included some of the most well known names in personal development today, such as Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Michael Gerber, authoer of E-Myth; Bob Proctor, a teacher in The Secret and a long time coach and business consultant; the list goes on and on. I had the priviledge of listening, meeting and shaking hands with these people who have brought me on a great journey to grow myself, and it serves as motivation to keep working towards my vision of helping people realize their dreams and potentials.

It was also quite wonderful that my mentors, Selena Cheung, July Ono, and their partners Andy Barrett and Steve Caine, allowed me to stay in the condo they had rented. It was great to share the weekend with them and get to know them better. As Michael Gerber said in the seminar, it is extremely important to find a master who has done what you want to accomplish. Doing exactly what they do will allow you to accomplish what they have accomplished.

Well, I am out of space for this month. In the following months I hope to share with some of my learnings from the Seminar of the Century. Meanwhile, keep on enjoying the sunshine!

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