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Issue 11 | August 2007
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Grouse Grind Superteam Challenge, Final Month

[The Super Grinders!]A few months back in April, I decided to ramp up the challenge by shortening the timeline of my year's goal and made the intention to weigh in at 180 pounds and wear 36 waist pants on July 31, 2007. Well, on July 31, I was 184 pounds, and wearing size 34, down from 205 pounds and size 40 at the beginning of the year. It was a wonderful challenge for myself. It gave me a chance to learn about fitness, exercise routines, and, best of all, I learned much about my physical abilities and met some wonderful people who have shared to me their knowledge and experience in fitness, including the people you see here, as a part of Team Super Grinder.

There was quite a bit of excitement when my pledge for BC Lung Association was featured by my community newspaper, Burnaby Now! The SUPERTEAM Challenge continues until the end of this month, and I have completed 20 grinds since the beginning of June, currently on track to complete my goal of 25 Grinds by the end of the month. I am challenging my physical and mental abilities in order to raise money for a good cause -- for cleaner air, and for respiratory health. I am behind on my fund-raising goal so I pledge to you to please make a donation at my SUPERTEAM Challenge homepage and help me reach my goal of $2,500 raised!!

Jumping out of a Perfectly Good Airplane

[Solo My Way Back to the Ground]As I mentioned last month, I committed myself to a solo skydiving training course on August 12. My buddy, Mark Carter, who has been jumping for 10 years, has been most supportive and came up in the plane with a video camera with me for my first solo jump.

The solo course is a full-day class that includes basic training on the ground in how to climb out of the plane, how to land; also in understanding the equipment and in learning how to deal with emergency situations -- since in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, a skydiver only has about 10 to 20 seconds to react, so it is imperative to be decisive. At the end of the day, the students are taken into an airplane and perform an Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) -- the parachute is deployed by the instructor, and the student is able to communicate with the ground using a radio while in the air.

Climbing out of an airplane (while it's in the air), hanging off a wing strut, and letting go is probably the scariest thing I have done in my life. It was also a great experience to face death, which reminded me that I am alive, and that I must live life to its fullest.

I hope to continue working towards my Class "A" Certification this year, which means I am competent in freefall, deploying and controlling, landing, and packing a parachute. I hope some of you might join me out in Pitt Meadows!

Real Estate Joint Venture Meeting

[Will Speaking in the Presentation]In the beginning of July I invited some of my friends to my real estate presentation. It was the first presentation I have ever put together and it was a great experience to talk in front of people, even when they are people with whom I am familiar.

I shared some of what I have learned about real estate, including building a Power Team, results of the research I have done on the City of Edmonton, and an analysis of a townhouse I have recently purchased.

Three of my good friends, Jason, Andry, and Aaron, decided to invest in part of the townhouse after the presentation, congratulations! I am certain this will be a great investment for you!

Wisdom from Seminar of the Century -- Michael Gerber

[Michael Gerber at Seminar of the Century]As I mentioned last month, I attended the Seminar of the Century in Snowmass, CO, and it included many famous speakers. One of them is Michael Gerber, creator of E-Myth Worldwide, an organization that has revolutionized many small businesses in how they are run, and author of E-Myth.

At Seminar of the Century, Michael Gerber shared some of his insights. When he was a kid, his parents brought him to Merle Johnston to learn how to play Saxophone. Merle said said to him, he only teaches the best in the world, if Gerber was to learn from Johnston, he must commit to becoming the best, with rigourous practice schedules and lessons. He committed, and realized the way to learn from the masters.

Later in his life he became an encyclopedia salesman. He did not do well, until he found the best salesman in the company and learned from him. In both instances, he learned to do exactly what the master does in order the get the same results, and this is true not only in learning music and in salesmanship, but everything in life. For example, if you want to purchase 20 doors of real estate, find a mentor who has already purchased 20 doors of real estate, and do exactly as he/she does and asks you to do. This is the best way to achieve what you want to achieve.

I am out of space for this month! I will continue to share more of what I learned from the Seminar of the Century in the next issue of Good Will Report. For now, keep enjoying the sunshine!

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