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Issue 12 | September 2007
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Grouse Grind Superteam Wrap up

[The Super Grinders vs Sushi]The Super Grinders wrapped up three months of successful grinding and fundraising at Tomokazu Sushi, where we feasted on sushi in celebration. If nothing else, Jason, Ryan and I share the same love for sushi and we pretty well made sure everyone at the restaurant knew about it! It was a great way to acknowledge our successes over the past three months.

For myself personally, I committed to and completed 25 Grouse Grinds including two climbs within one day near the end of August, dispite a very busy schedule both recreationally and professionally. Successes within the team includes an official record of 12 ascends in a day established by Jason Chong, and Ryan Dietrich completing over 50 grinds within 3 months dispite his extremely busy schedule. In total the team completed over 200 climbs over 3 months and raised over $3,500 for BC Lung Association. Wow, what a journey! It was a great experience to challenge myself physically; it allowed me to remember how it is like to be running at 100%. I am constantly amazed by people's ability to push themselves to new heights, and the kind of results they achieve by constantly practising reaching the top.

If you wish to make a donation, it is not too late to visit my SUPERTEAM Challenge homepage! The Super Grinders will unite again on September 23 for the annual Grouse Mountain Run.

DJ Wei in the House!

[Playing music at a Downtown Party]It may seem like I spent much of the summer doing many fun (and possibly dangerous ;)) activities -- skydiving, whitewater kayaking, to name a couple. I have found that these activities help me learn about myself, which allows me to love myself better. These hobbies also require that I practise staying focussed and present, which are important qualities for me as a real estate investor.

In my latest adventure, I went back to my true passion in music and entertainment and learned how to DJ. I remember when I first started I thought to myself, "It's just playing vinyls, how hard could it be?" Little did I realize there is much practice and listening involved in order to match up two songs in tempo and in sound, then switching from one to another so it also sounds good.

I am having an absolute blast looking for and playing music that I enjoy very much, and allowing others to enjoy the music as well. I intend to put together a demo tape and I hope to play more often and at larger venues next year!

Wisdom from Seminar of the Century Part 2 -- Jack Canfield

[A Sight of the Seminar of the Century]

Here's the story of Wat Traimit, the golden Buddha in Thailand. During war times, the monks at the temple had concealed the golden Buddha by covering it with plaster. The temple eventually became deserted, and the secrets were lost until they decided to relocate the Buddha and discovered that it was made of pure gold!

We each enter this world pure in heart, and as we grow up we pick up dirt which covers up the gold -- self-doubt, negatives. Each time we attend a seminar, we remove a bit of the clay and rediscover the golden self within.

Jack Canfield, during the Seminar of the Century in Aspen, Colorado this July, started with that story to lead into how people who attend seminars are rediscovering the extraordinary person again. This leads him into how the process is like the combination to a lock. Once you know the combination to the lock called success, no matter who you are, the lock has to open.

So Jack believes that the following are the principles that will unlock success:

  1. Take responsibility for your life -- no more blaming, complaining, justifying and depending. This allows us to live powerfully and to become in control of our results.
  2. The Law of Attraction -- one of the Universal Laws. See the movie or book the Secret to find out more.
  3. Magic of thinking BIG! Have a great vision of what you want to achieve.
  4. Trust your desires and preferences.

That's it for this month's Good Will Report. I have some exciting news in real estate and in personal development for you next month so stay tuned! Happy Thanksgiving!

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