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Issue 16 | January 2008
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Happy New Year!

All of a sudden, another year has arrived! How did your year go? Did you achieve your goals? Perhaps you accomplished some of the goals and missed the bar for others? No matter what has happened, this is a great time to acknowledge everything that took place in 2007, and realize that even if you did not achieve everything you set out to do, any progress towards the goals is a great step ahead!

Let me share with you what happened for me in 2007.

In January, my good buddy Aaron and I sat down and reviewed the year and wrote down our goals for the coming 365 days. As I shared with you then, I set out to purchase 15 doors of investment properties, generate $1,000 passive investment income, go skydiving, be more active at the outdoors, and carry on with theatre. On December 31, 2007, I owned 15 doors of investment property (close call!), generate $300 passive investment income, went skydiving in July, picked up whitewater kayaking, did some amount of hiking with the Super Grinders, and appeared in Music Man in June.

I did not accomplish ALL the goals I set for myself, but I accomplished so much in 2007 that it is definitely worth celebrating!

So Aaron, Stefan and I sat down on January 3, 2008, to set our intentions for 2008. I would like to share my intentions with you:


  • I own 25 doors of investment properties, including 5 doors in US
  • I am done US real estate research on March 31
  • I create $1,000/month net passive cashflow
  • I have $1,000,000 net worth.
  • I work with a joint venture partner in US.


  • I have a home in Seattle which friends and family and visit and stay over. Know the fun places to go and hang out.


  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I have and follow a work-out routine on March 31.


  • Parachute once in the summer.
  • Kayaking 4 times in the summer. Go rafting.
  • Watch 12 new movies in theatre.
  • Complete a rail slide on a snowboard.

Learnings from Goal Setting Session

I hosted the goal review and setting on January 3. Something that I learned from the session is that the periodic goals are difficult to evaluate and complete. For example, I had a goal written down to exercise three times a week. However, while I did this for much of the year, there are many weeks when I did not follow through. It was very difficult to track and, unfortunately, very easy to fail this goal.

What I realized was that we commit to these periodic goals in order to accomplish something for which we hold value. In my example, what I really wanted to accomplish is to have respect for my body and stay fit. Committing to a healthy body frees me from a difficult commitment which can sometimes deflate all the good intentions and energy behind it. And since I intend to respect my body, the exercise routine will come naturally, easily, and effortlessly.

Do you have any periodic goals? Have you considered the reason you committed to them? Perhaps it would make sense to commit to the underlying value of those goals, and that really helps keeping motivated and energized about the goals.

Goodbye Vancouver! Hello Seattle!

[Photo of my new home in Redmond!]You may have noticed that my goals included some mentioning of Seattle. I have, in fact, accepted a new full-time position down in Redmond with Microsoft, the largest software company in the world, and will begin working on the Windows Update team on February 25, 2008!

I have been shopping for a place to live in Seattle area, as well as making arrangements to complete work and relationships in Vancouver.

I am very excited about what the new environment will bring to my life and experience! I will also be taking a couple of weeks off before starting on the job to visit Taiwan once again.

If you are in the Seattle area or plan on visiting, please be sure to let me know -- I would love to have you as a guest!

That's it for this issue of Good Will Report. As with Chinese traditions, I wish you a prosperous year filled with good fortune! Happy Chinese new year!

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