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Issue 18 | February 2008
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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese new year is traditionally a time for family to be together, however far apart everyone may be. It is unfortunate that my family could not be together this year; however, a good family friend of ours included me in their family's celebrations, and for that, I am very thankful.

Chinese new year is also traditionally a time to start anew, and it just so happened that I am changing jobs around new years time, and will be starting out in a completely new environment in a new city. This is exciting time indeed!

I decided to take the time off between jobs and visit Taiwan again after my last visit in November, and be closer to the new year's celebration, which traditionally lasts 15 days. I am exploring the different cities this time, and I really wish I had more time!

Be an Excellent Receiver!

[A scene at the move]I am very fortunate that my new employer, Microsoft, has generously paid for not only the moving but also the packing of my home for my relocation to Redmond, Washington.

After some amount of scheduling, the moving crew came on Monday and Tuesday to help me get everything out the door. This is the first time that I have someone pack for me, and I really enjoyed the experience. Who knew moving could be stress-free? The professional crew came and formulated a plan right away, and then they got right down to work. Their packing is impeccable, and all I needed to do was to make sure they don't end up packing what I need with me.

One little feeling that crept up on me briefly was actually unworthiness. It was a bit strange to watch others do the "tough" work for me, while I am standing around making phone calls getting some business sorted out, and packing up what I needed for my vacation.

The feeling of unworthiness comes from the belief, "I'm not good enough." While this is a typical subconscious believe that each one of us has to some extent, the root cause is that I am not loving myself fully. When I love myself, I allow myself to be pampered, receive compliments and servies, even opportunities.

After actualizing this, I told the packers how much I appreciated their help, and went on to complete my packing and made myself a nice lunch.

Do you feel deserving of service or a good opportunity? Or do you tend to stop short and justify by saying, "Somebody else can enjoy this, it's not for me"? Give yourself permission to love yourself and be a great receiver of all things great or small, starting from saying "thank you" to a helping hand or a compliment.

Here is an affirmation I learned from Harv Ecker: "I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver!"

Free Event: Law of Attraction for Real Estate Riches

Have you heard of the book or movie, The Secret? Have you ever wondered how you can make use of the Law of Attraction in real estate? Do you want to retire young and retire rich?

I would like to invite you to a FREE event hosted by the Real Estate Network Group (RENG) titled "The Law of Attraction for Real Estate Riches" which will show you the Law of Attraction at work and how it put it to work in your life. It will take place on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 from 7pm to 10pm at Holiday Inn Metrotown; registration starts at 6:30pm. Please go to http://www.onthebeacheducation.com/ for more information.

We are reaching the end of the 15-day New Year's celebration, and I will be back to Seattle by the end of the week. Once again, enjoy this Golden Year of the Rat and all the good fortunes to you!

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