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Issue 18 | March 2008
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The Land of the Free

[Ski Trip with Friends at Microsoft]As of February 22, I have "crossed over" to become a resident of the US. I accepted a full-time development position with Microsoft in Redmond, Washington last November; I have now been here for a few weeks and am slowly putting my home back together.

Although the US and Canada are geographically nearby and the cultures appear to be quite similar, many subtle things have crept up as surprises. For example, Canadians tend to write apartment numbers before street numbers in an address; when I wrote my address in that format, my bank manager was rather confused and had to ask for clarifications. The purchase of my home, on the other hand, also generated some interesting observations in how real estate transactions are handled slightly differently in the two countries. In Canada, title transfer must be done by a "law" person such as a Notary Public or a lawyer, while in the US, an escrow company facilitates the transfer of money and title.

All the little surprises have become a very valuable lesson to never make assumptions. Although on the fundamental level things worked similarly, the details on how it's done can be very different. I have had to learn to ask many questions to make sure the details in my home purchase is carried out correctly!

Cashflow Event at Microsoft

[Will, Chris and Glenn]In his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki talks about the difference between an asset, which, by his definition, is something that puts money into your pocket every month, and a liability, which is something that takes money away from your pocket. He also introduces the concept of "passive income," which is income that is generated even when you are asleep. He created a board game called Cashflow 101, which simulates how to generate passive income in real life in a fun, interactive way. The "rat race" is where people go to work everyday and earn a salary, while the "fast track" is the place you go when you generate enough passive income to pay for monthly expenses, so you only work because you choose to not because you have to.

On March 7 I attended a cashflow event at Microsoft, organized by Chris Bennett and Glenn Snow, who have entered the fast track through real estate. In a cashflow event, people get together and play the Cashflow 101 board game and share ideas with like-minded people. I had a lot of fun meeting people and chatting with people who are interested in real estate. I am also very proud to have created a joint venture deal, in which all five players at my table purchased a share in an apartment, which generated enough passive income for all five players to get out of the rat race, talk about a win-win deal!

The organization from which Glenn and Chris learned real estate is called Nouveau Riche University, and they are hosting a one-day intensive workshop at the Hilton in Bellevue, Washington on Saturday, April 5. Please contact Glenn Snow at <epicinvestor@gmail.com for a FREE ticket to the event!

Going from Within to Without

I started reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book starts by talking about how thoughts are things, which aligns very well with the ideas from The Secret and its discussions of the law of attraction.

In short, the creation of everything around us started as an idea; in other words, it comes from somewhere within. I have realized that while I have been creating real estate investments for myself and my joint venture partners, creating business for my power team, and creating a place to live for my tenants, I have spent an equal amount of time, if not more, on learning about myself. In the self-discovery process, I am starting to see a glimpse of my purpose in life, from which I created my mission to inspire and empower people to realize unknown possibilities; it is this mission that really has driven me to create the real estate investments and a better financial future for my joint venture partners and myself.

In other words, I believe that while searching for outside results, it is extremely important to reach in and learn more about oneself. What really drives you? What excites you and brings you satisfaction? With that information, you will have a much easier time creating a life that you truly want.

I went through a process at http://www.careerleader.com/ to learn more about myself, and I would like to take this chance to invite you to provide me with some feedback on my personality. Please go to http://www.careerleader.com/observers/microsoftfeedback.html, enter into the text field my ID number 217441, click on begin and rate my business-related abilities. This survey is completely confidential, and it will really help me understand myself from an outside perspective.

To complete this newsletter, I would like to take a chance to thank all the readers who have been so overwhelmingly supportive of my newsletter. I appreciate your feedback and it really makes my day to know that I made a difference in someone's life, inspiring them to live life to the fullest. Please, keep those e-mails coming! They continue to inspire me to write these newsletters. Happy rest of March!

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