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Issue 19 | April 2008
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Spring Time!

[Spring is here!]It seems like all of a sudden, April is here! We enjoyed a few beautiful days of sun in the Northwest here, and that created this perfect scene of cherry blossoms right across the parking lot at the office.

Aside from getting settled in and cleaned up, things have been very busy in Redmond. A highlight is that I am singing in a barbershop quartet called Momma's Boys, which is made up of three brothers who are rather tall, and yours truly, an "average" height Asian guy. On April 4, we competed as a quartet for the first time in Evergreen District Division II contest and came out the top novice quartet and second place overall, I am really proud of these guys for their hard work! Thank you Ian, Michael and Sean!

The Comfort Zone

One of my teachers have said, "If there is something you want that you don't yet have, it is outside your comfort zone." In other words, if there is something you don't have and you want it, you will have to step outside your comfort zone to get it. For example, most people intuitively understand that real estate is a good way to invest; many of them have seen friends purchase great deals, some may even have been offered to be a part of the deal; yet month after month, year after year, they are still browsing through MLS and are "in the market." Another example would be the people who go to seminars over and over again; they get motivated, yet their situation never seems to change. It is most likely that they are simply driven by fear to stay in their comfort zone and avoid taking risks -- some of them even understand this is happening!

It took a while for me to truly understand the idea; in fact, it takes practise to step outside of the comfort zone. At the beginning, it is very scary to be somewhere uncomfortable, like last summer when I was sitting in the airplane looking down, waiting to jump out with a parachute. Yet with practice, I realized that all the anxiety really comes from FEAR -- False Evidence Appearing Real -- and it even becomes comfortable to step out of the comfort zone. I achieved some amazing results, including weight loss, real estate investing, and even at work.

Do you have results you have yet to achieve? I suggest that you start finding things that you have always wanted to do but never did for one reason or another, and JUST FRICKING DO IT! It will certainly help you achieve the results you want in the long run.

Train the Trainer

[Me and Curt at Train the Trainer]After a long break, I attended my first Peak Potentials course in 2008 called Train the Trainer. At first glance, the title may suggest that it is a very specific course on learning on to be a trainer on stage; however, being a part of it was not only informative, a lot of the experience was about stepping out of the comfort zone!

Unfortunately, I am committed not to share the content of the course because it may take away from your experience of it if you decide to take it. However, I can share that I had a lot of fun challenging myself in going even farther outside of my comfort zone, and made some great friends with whom I shared some very special moments, like me and my roommate Curt in the photo here. I am back home completely energized, and I look forward to my next course with Peak Potentials!

Peak Potentials is founded by T Harv Ecker and they are quite famous for their free course, Millionaire Mind Intensive. Did you know there's a secret psychology for wealth? Have you ever noticed that rich people think and talk differently? Would you like more money in your life? If you would like to find out more about the FREE program, please check out http://www.millionairemind.com/a/?wid=385063&page=/preview/preview for a preview!


[Will, Raymond Aaron, and Christian at Free Money University]Have you noticed that the greatest atheletes and sports teams have the greatest coaches? Have you ever wondered why many of us do not have a coach for being great in life? I am extremely grateful to have met my mentor Selena a few years ago. She is really a key person who helped me create who I am today.

A mentor is someone who has achieved the result you want, who guides you based on his or her experience in achieving that result. I generally make the distinction that a coach, on the other hand, may or may not have achieved the result but is trained to spot the places where improvements can be made. Think about a coach in a sports team or an athlete; he or she may or may not have received a gold medal, but they are able to help the team or athlete have further success.

My friend, Eric Yeh, invited me to Vancouver on April 12 and 13 to attend a workshop called Free Money University hosted by Chris Johnson. The workshop is primarily about how to make use of and apply to grants, loans and scholarships to help fund businesses and education of your choice. The seminar was very informative -- on top of that, I was MOST impressed by the line up of speakers Chris brought in.

Among the guest speakers is a man who mentored some of the great teachers of our time -- Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, to name a few. I was very excited to have had the chance to listen to Raymond Aaron speak about mentorship; what's even more exciting is that I took the chance to sign up for his Monthly Mentor program!

I am extremely excited to be a part of the monthly mentor program -- I look forward to achieving some extraordinary results!

I hope you have enjoyed this month's Good Will Report. Enjoy the sunshine!

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