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Issue 21 | June 2008
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Here Comes the Sun

[Californian Sun!]On June 20, my friends Fiona and Philip got married and I was very happy to have been in San Jose at their ceremony. It gave me a chance to catch up with some good friends, as well as enjoy a bit of the famous Californian sunshine. I spent an afternoon is Monterey, and checked out some of the beautiful golf courses at Pebble Beach, it was almost enough for me to consider moving down there!

Meanwhile in the Northwest, after quite a few cold and cloudy weeks, the sun finally showed itself to warm the earth. We pretty well went directly from late-winter weather to mid-summer weather, and it is simply sweaty hot!

While the sun is out, I have been participating, for the second year in a row, in the challenge to bike to work in June. This has been a very good change especially with the gas prices rising drastically in the last few months. With the average retail gas prices in the US reaching over $4 a gallon or over $1.05 a litre, and light crude oil reach over $140 a barrel, the gas and oil prices are at their all time highs, and have been the talk of the news in recent times.

While many people are complaining about gas prices, others are considering ways to invest into the rising prices. Without speculating what the prices might do, I am quite glad to have invested into Edmonton, since the high oil prices will keep the industry strong in northern Alberta, and that sets a great foundation for the real estate market in the area, since it has the second largest oil reserve in the world, and the cost of producing a barrel of crude oil is between $30 and $40. While they are making good money, the area's economy will be supported.

In any case, it's great to see some sun and enjoy the outdoors, and it's about time that I recommit to my fitness.

Thinking about Commitments

Everyday we are making plans -- get together with someone for lunch and dinner, take a swing dancing class, go to a concert or a movie. What many of us don't realize is that these are all commitments we are making -- to ourselves or to others. For example, this e-mail newsletter is a commitment to myself as well as to you monthly for me to share my new experiences monthly.

It takes commitment to get things done. A committed person is determined and will stick with the commitment. Merriam-Webser dictionary defines commitment as, "An agreement or pledge to do something in the future." For many of us, commitments define our daily lives in the things for which we set aside time in our schedule.

Some of us are scared of making commitments, and end up doing nothing at all. The fear of commitment usually stems from the fear of disappointment since there is an expectation for results, or a fear of success, the responsibility that comes with the commitments.

On the other hand, some of us take commitments very lightly, and will accept any and all invites, and I must admit that I fall into this category. For me, this is a combination of being a people-pleaser, and not valuing my own time -- in other words, it's low self-esteem in disguise -- this is not really good or bad, just an observation.

Decommit -- Cleaning up the Commitments

What many of us do not realize is that it is acceptable to decommitment if necessary. In fact, if I decommitment, I am keeping my integrity by giving my word that I cannot make it, which makes things work. If this is a commitment to someone else, they may not be happy about it; however, it works much better than simply not delivering the commitment at all.

I have been thinking a lot about commitments since I have been lagging behind since I moved down to the US. I have been spending time on cleaning up after myself. This process includes cleaning my house, cleaning my desk, and cleaning my schedule, which involves decommitting from certain things.

In decommitting, all parties involved in the commitment must agree to it; if it is a commitment with myself, I need to agree. Something to watch out when decommitting is that it sets a pattern for others (or even yourself!) to not take you seriously when making a commitment.

Sometimes it is better to delegate rather than decommitting. For example, I need to get my tax return done no matter what, even if I don't want to do it. If I put off something like this more than three times, it must be delegated, even if it costs money, since otherwise it will never be done!

Renewing a Commitment

There are times when a commitment goes stale or falls off the to-do list. In that case we can recommit to it.

Since it is so easy to decommit from myself, it is very powerful to commit to someone else on even these commitments. This could be cleaning the basement or going to the gym on a regular basis. If I commit to someone, then I am responsible to them, and they can follow up with me to make sure I get it done, or even help me with it! It is more fun to work in a team, and keeping each other responsible to their commitment.

So I want to take this chance to recommit to my fitness plan, to go for a jog or a swim at least four days a week. In fact, I am considering joining a program which will help me design a comprehensive plan for my diet and fitness. I hope you will help me stay to this commitment.

Enlightened Wizard Training Camp

[Wizard Training Logo]I will be going to beautiful Squamish, BC, on July 6th for 5 days to participate in Peak Potential Training's Enlightened Wizard Training Camp. This is the follow-up training to their Enlightened Warrior Training Camp.

While Enlightened Warrior Training Camp is about getting it done no matter what, Enlightened Wizard Training is about the ability of manifesting what you want. The four-and-a-half days will be jam packed with extraordinary knowledge and experience and not a lot of time to rest.

I have packed my bags and am looking forward to spending the time there, I will be sharing my experience in the July issue of Good Will Report. For now, enjoy the sunshine and have a great time!

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