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Issue 22 | July 2008
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Enlightened Wizard Training

[Everyone at Wizard Camp]It was a beautiful weekend at the beginning of July. I made a drive up Highway 99 in BC -- which is no longer familiar due to the construction to widen it for the 2010 Winter Olympics to take place in Vancouver/Whistler -- and it couldn't have been a nicer drive. Highway 99 is also known as Sea-to-Sky Highway; it goes from sea-level in Vancouver area through Whistler high up in the mountain, hence the poetic name. I was driving up with my brand new Mazda 3, the ocean on my left and mountain on my right. Although the noise of construction was distracting, the blue skies and scenes of mountain, ocean and islands were brilliantly showing off natural beauty of Vancouver.

It is about a 90-minute drive to Brackendale, where my Enlightend Wizard Training with Peak Potentials was about to take place. I arrived at the Glacier Valley Farm on time to set up camp, then have dinner and chat with the people with whom I would spend the next 4 days getting to know each other in a very spiritual way.

At Wizard I had a chance to practise living life fully grounded, being in the moment and connected to the Universe. The same as any other Peak Potentials course, I had very little time to sleep, much much to learn, and really had a tonne of fun being reminded how much energy I carry with me.

I am committed not to share the activities we did at the camp so that it does not take away from your experience; I can, however, share what I got out of it, which is a new level of peace and calmness in my life. When I first got back home to take a walk with my mom, I feel so connected to all the people and living beings around me, it was really very amazing to feel that way.

A wizard is an alchemist who turns lead into gold, and can manifest their desires in the real life. If you wish to find out more about Wizard Camp, please visit the Web site http://www.wizardtraining.com/. If you wish to find out more about Peak Potentials Training, I strongly recommend you check out their Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar at http://www.millionairemind.com/a/?wid=385063&page=/preview/preview.

Happy Birthday to Me!

July is a very special time of the year. The sun comes out consistently now, the nature is easily accessible for us to appreciate, and there is an air of celebration since it is the time for birthdays for us July babies. Although I planned to have a quiet night in originally, my friends took me out for dinner and we ended up going out to karaoke until quite late!

One of the first credit cards I applied for had a reward point component, and with every 10,000 points I earn I can exchange for $10 worth of merchandize. At the beginning of the month, I received a letter encouraging me to use some of the 351,000 points I have accumulated over the last five or six years. After spending some time shopping, I used the points to buy me a very nice barbeque grill -- essentially a FREE BBQ stove because I always pay off my credit card balance!

One of the things i got out of the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar a couple of years ago was to use credit cards for all my purchases, as long as it is used to purchase the essentials and not for items I would not have purchased without the credit card. Credit cards in Canada offer up to 1.5% cash back without annual fees, and credit cards in US offer up to 3% cash back on general purcahses and 5% on gas without an annual fee. If you do not carry a balance on your credit card, I suggest that you sign up for one of the cash-back credit cards. It is a great way to build a credit history while getting a "free" discount on your purchases!

Interviewing Your Power Team Members

I recently received a question about how I interview my power team members. As you may remember, your real estae power team is the group of professionals who help you acquire, manage, and sell your real estate investments. Your power team may include your Realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer, insurance broker and property manager.

Before interviewing, I believe the first step is to ask for referrals. Referral is a very powerful way to build rapport, since you get a baseline relationship of trust through the person making the referral; you get an idea of what to expect, as well as some peer feedback already in place. This also narrows down the number of potential power team members to interview.

On interviewing, I think it is most important to get to know each other personally. Spend the time to know the values and personality of the person you are talking to, just as you would when you make a friend. from there find out the services that they provide. How much are they willing to do? How much do they charge?

Once you choose on a person or group to work with, set up some guidelines and expectations so both parties know how to best maintain the relationship. For me, as an out-of-town investor, it is very important that I can trust my power team members to take care of business for me; it makes things easy for both them and myself.

Remembering Dr. Randy Pausch (23 October 1960 - 25 July 2008)

[Dr. Randy Pausch]Before we wrap up for the month, I would like to share a video that was shared to me a couple of days ago.

Randy Pausch is a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. That, perhaps, isn't all that special; however, he had been fighting pancreatic cancer for two years. He created a "Last Lecture" titled "Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams," which he subsequently repeated on the Oprah show.

His lecture showed up in my inbox a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you. You can find more information on his Web site and on Wikipedia.

That's it for July, have a wonderful rest of the month!

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