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Issue 23 | August 2008
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Congratulations, Andy and Selena!

[Selena and Andy got married!]Eight is traditionally a special number in the Chinese culture, because the way we pronounce it, it sounds like RICH! Therefore, you see see people with license plates that contain the numbers "168," which sounds like "rich all the way."

That said, it is not so surprising that many couples chose to get married on August 8, 2008; or as some people put it, 8-8-8. When Andy asked Selena to marry him about a year ago, he thought about the special meaning the day may bear to Selena, and they decided to make it an extra special day for them.

I was honoured to have been asked to be the best man for Andy, and it was also a lot of fun to participate in this very unconventional wedding, where the "rules" were thrown out the window and what we have left is a Selena-style wedding -- if you don't know her, that means lots of fun and the unexpected, including a real estate contract signed during the signing, and some last-minute and unprepared speeches.

Selena was the person who gave me the knowledge to invest in real estate using fundamentals, and essentially held my hand through my first few deals. Andy and I began spending lots of time together talking about houses and girls. I am very grateful for meeting the two of them, as they have become very dear friends of mine.

Once again, congratulations to Selena and Andy! They went to Victoria for their honeymoon and will be moving to Edmonton very soon to fully engage in their journey together, as a couple and as real estate investors.

The Comfort Zone

[Is money your big goal?]Over the last few weeks, I have had several conversations with different people to define success with them. The question I would ask is, what does success mean to you? What goals and accomplishments would you have achieved to be successful?

A dear friend and a family member, on separate occassions, had extraordinary trouble defining what success looks like for them. It was certainly not the first time I have heard people say things like the following:

  • I am too old for this.
  • I don't know what is going to happen in two/three/five years.
  • Things may change when I graduate/get married in a year or two.
  • I don't really want it anyway, I am happy with where I am right now!

There is an underlying theme for these stories, and it is a resistence to change. Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," yet, so many people get trapped in that, blaming their results on timing, on circumstances, things they cannot control. Why is that?

It is simply outside their comfort zone.

One of my teacher said, "Everything you want that you do not yet have is outside your comfort zone." Inside the comfort zone, everything is cozy and familiar, it's so easy to maintain the lifestyle, and just keep doing what is predictable; not surprisingly, this also leads to the same result day after day.

Just a little outside the comfort zone are new results we can see just within reach. It requires that we do something small each day that we do not normally do. At the beginning the slight modification to the routine feels uncomfortable and forced; eventually, it becomes a part of the day and new results show.

Much further outside the comfort zone are generally the bigger goals in life. They essentially require big lifestyle changes and it's pretty scary! See, the trick is to focus on the little changes, and slowly progress and make adjustments towards to bigger changes. Eventually we will reach the goals we want to reach!

Some Thoughts to Keep in Mind

[Colonel Sanders created KFC at age 65]If you relate to one of the stories above, here is a better story to keep in mind:

Colonol Sanders, after a highway reduced the traffic of customers coming to his restaurant, he franchised KFC at age 65 using $105.00 from his first social security check in 1955. He sold the franchise within 10 years, in 1964. If he could do it, at age 65, within 10 years, you can do it at whatever age you are, most likely within 10 years.

As we were talking about before, it takes incremental changes to get to where we want to be, and a lot of time we don't even know how to get to the final destination, or the how is just simply much to scary to appear real. Making these incremental adjustments towards the big changes allows us to simply focus on the next step, and eventually we will be ready for the big result!

"Everything you want that you do not yet have is outside your comfort zone!"

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