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Issue 27 | December 2008
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A Very White Christmas

[A White Christmas in Vancouver!]First of all, merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays! For me, as a singer and performer, December has traditionally been a very busy time, with many events and functions seeking festive carolers and people looking for entertainment during their time off. This December has been a stark contrast for a couple of reasons.

We have been blessed with an unusual amount of snow in the Northwest (and much of North America), and that gave us a rare White Christmas with about 30cm of snow. The snow also kept me from getting to work for several days, and I had some new learning experience about driving in the snow and the importance of having snow tires.

Since I am putting my singing hobby on hold, my singing has been limited to going to karaoke with friends, which is a blast; this also means I reclaimed the time I spent preparing for and singing at gigs.

The most impactful event was that I had a cough that would not go away. A week went by and I was not getting much better, then the second week I slept most of it away. My doctor said it was bronchitis, and I was given some antibiotics which helped me feel better. I think more than that, it was a way for my body to tell me that I needed to rest for a while.

The message was that I have been working very hard, and with the NLP classes going on, I don't always get the weekend to stay home and recharge. I also tend to fill up my evening schedule, so I was not taking the time to allow my body to rest.

On the bright side, the bronchitis went away after three weeks of mostly rest. I have lost some weight over the holidays and I feel much more focused and peaceful. As 2009 approaches, I am looking forward to an exciting year!

New MasterMind Group Members

In October, the MasterMind Group to which I belong had an open house, and we announced that we were looking for new members. We received an overwhelming response, and after many discussions on the phone and over email, we chose 9 new members and filled the group up to 15 people, and welcomed them at our December meeting!

A MasterMind Group is a place where like-minded people with similar goals get together to share ideas and help each other achieve their goals. Chris Veale, my friend and fellow member, puts it best: by myself, I may get 50 points on a test; two of us we may get 70 points; with the whole MasterMind group pooling knowledge together, we can get 100 points!

In our first meeting with new members, everyone had to chance to introduce themselves, and each person was asked a question:

What is one thing that is stopping you from taking the next step in real estate?

The answers were most enlightening: many of them related not to requiring more knowledge, but to get to know oneself better. How can I define the right investment for me? What are my goals and values? What do I really want? Knowing these can help us better refine our investment plan and strategies, and I am sure that the group will be working on those questions in upcoming meetings.

Are you able to answer those questions for yourself?

Holiday Time is Family and Friends Time!

[Snowboarding at Mount Seymour]Between sick days and the holidays, I have had a lot of time to rest up, and it also meant that I got a chance to see more of my family and friends. I have spent most of my holidays in Vancouver so far, and look forward to more!

After the MasterMind Group Meeting on December 20, Irene Dong hosted her annual Christmas party, and I had a chance to catch up with some people from my home town, some of whom I have not seen for a year! I was certainly grateful for the chance to see them.

With the snow, I am very excited about going up into the mountains for some snowboarding! Surely this is going to be a great season.

It has been a great 2008, once again, happy holidays and happy new year! Look forward to seeing you in 2009!

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