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Issue 29 | February 2009
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An Eventful Month

[Broken car window!]While we have been enjoying both the warmth of the sun and the coldness of snow each day in the Northwest, I have had an eventful January.

A couple of days before Chinese New Years, I ended the year with my car broken into on a Friday night in the visitor's parking garage while I was staying in Vancouver. I made the mistake of keeping much of my traveling items in the car, and that meant I had almost all of them stolen, including my passport.

This led me to spend the next few days in what I called "Emergency Response Mode," in which I focused very much on getting done what I had to do; that included calling the insurance company, canceling credit cards, bank cards and cheques, replacing the broken window and reapplying for passport so I can get back to work in the US.

I remember in NLP we talked about how "There is no failure, only learning experiences," and for me it was certainly a great big learning experience. For one, I no longer leave anything in my car; I also realized I can accomplish a lot in a few short days -- I was very proud to have checked off a whole page of things to do over the three days I took off.

Most importantly, I learned a lot about being at cause. I had the choice to be angry (I chose it for some brief moments; I felt it quite clearly and then let it go), and I chose to ask myself, "How did I cause this to happen? How can I best respond to what already is?" Instead of being at the effect of the event, where I would feel unfair, angry and hurt, I was at cause and felt at peace.

How do you respond to situations that may not have gone your way? You're be surprised how well everything fit together in the big picture, and how things always work out in the best way possible.

Trip to Whistler!

[Will, Julie and Addy having a blast in Whistler!]Although I have few weekends between NLP and real estate, I managed to find some time to spend with friends in Whistler in mid-January. We went on a rare, beautifully sunny and warm weekend, where the alpine temperature was higher than at the foot of the mountain, reaching a high of 15°C. It truly felt like spring was arriving in the middle of January.

It is always a blessing to spend time with people I love and care about. There have often been times when I say to myself, "I wonder what my friends are doing lately," and I notice that I have been so busy doing all the things I am supposed to be doing that I haven't made time for the people who are important to me.

For this year I purchased a new daily calendar, which contains daily quotes from Dalai Lama. The quote today happened to be, "On a daily basis, you must take more care of your mind than just money, money, money!" The time off to Whistler for me was all about getting to know my friends better, outside of our normal environment and circles.

If you lead a busy life as I do and would like to make time for those who are important, I would suggest blocking off time from your calendar for those who are important to you, even for yourself! Stick to the blocked time and use it to take care of the important people in life. Ironically, the time that has been taken away from what I could be or should be allows me to focus and be more efficient, and that allows me to do more in less time!

Wealthy Minds Event

My real estate mentor, Selena Cheung, moved to Edmonton in September 2008 to be closer to the real estate action there, and since then, she has become a licensed Realtor and helping some of our friends purchase investment properties in Edmonton area.

She was in Vancouver at the end of January and put on an all-day educational seminar called Wealthy Minds on January 31. Many people were invited, including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and property managers. It was a great place to network and meet people, especially for those who are serious about real estate investing.

Did you know that real estate investing, like most other businesses, is based on great relationships? That's right. I depend on my trusted partners and associates to take care of my investments. Sharing some of my profits allows me to focus on doing research, analyzing and finding great deals for myself and my partners, while all aspects of my investing is taken care of by the people who are best at those areas. Do you have the people best fitted for the jobs working for you, in your business or investing? Are you doing the work for which you are best suited?

All's Well that Ends Well

After all the excitement around the broken window and the stolen items, I found out I could file a claim under home content insurance, since my car was parked in the visitor's parking garage. The insurance company was very understanding and thorough, and, to my surprise, I received a cheque within a week!

I am very glad to report that I was able to replace everything that was stolen during the incident. Since the start of the event, I believed that everything will work out just fine, and everything worked out perfectly. In fact, I was able to work out of Richmond, BC, during the few days I did not have a passport, and really enjoyed my time there with excellent Chinese food.

So life goes on, now we may continue to enjoy the winter, while we still have it!

"On a daily basis, you must take more care of your mind than just money, money, money!" - Dalai Lama

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