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Issue 30 | March 2009
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Completed NLP Practitioner Level!

[Will and Noreen, Master NLP Trainer]After 5 months or nearly 150 hours of classes, and 50 hours of driving, and lots and lots of fun and laughs, I, along with many friends that I have gotten to know very well, have completed the NLP Practitioner Course on March 14!

Over the eight weeks of courses, we learned how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to instantly connect with people, how each person sees, hears and feels differently, and dwelved deep into many language and behavior techniques to help people achieve what they want. During this process, I am also changing! I have found an inner calmness which I did not see in myself many months ago; I feel much more coldheaded in situations and really just have a lot more FUN in life!

I have decided to continue onto the next level of NLP and enrolled into the Master Practitioner level of classes, which will continue through to September this year. I am very excited to dig deeper into NLP and allow it to enhance both my life experience as well as that for those around me. For more information about the NLP Institute and what Noreen does, please take a look at Noreen's Web site at http://www.nlpinstitute.com/; of course, you can always feel free to contact me if you would like to hear about my NLP experiences and stories. :)

US Real Estate Sales Up, Prices Continue to Slip

[A house for sale. Are you ready to buy?]The big news from February 2009 is a glimmer of hope, as the media may call it: the number of both new and existing sales went up, and number of mortgage applications to buy a home had risen. That said, the average home prices still fell.

Some say this may be a sign of recovery, and it is certainly a rare piece of good news from the media during these times. One of the key indicators I am following is the unemployment rate, which rose to 8.5% in March.

I use employment numbers as a key indicator because employees are my primary market for clients as a real estate investor. As long as they have a job and a salary, I will continue to receive rent. It seems like major layoffs continue and I am not in a big hurry to jump into the market.

That being said, what are your investment plans? It may fit your plans to make a purchase right now, for cash flow and possible long-term holding.Buying in this kind of market means getting a great deal on the property, terms of purcahse, as well as mortgage.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Audio Books

[Robert Kiyosaki and his programs]I started listening to a set of Rich Dad Poor Dad audio books by Robert Kiyosaki at around late February. Since I have been driving so much, it is a great use of my time.

If you do not know what audio books are, they are audio CDs that, instead of containing music and songs, contains books read to you. If you spend a lot of time on the road or work in front of a computer, listening to an educational audio book is a great way to learn, both consciously and unconsiously.

In one of the interviews, Robert Kiyosaki talked about what investing really is. Before reading on, have you ever thought about what investing means to you? Does stocks and bond come to mind, or does real estate?

Robert Kiyosaki says investing is really a plan. It is the plan and its execution to manage and create money. I thought this was a great summary because a plan usually includes time to get ready and prepare, time to implement and maintain, and then eventually finishing and exiting. This is precisely what investing is, whether it is short-term or long-term. This also highlights the importance of knowing what we want, then it is easy to create a plan to take us there.

What's your investment plan? Do you know what your destination is?

It is very appropriate that I picked out this Secret of the Millionaire Mind card from the deck last week, I will now share it with you -- please carry it wherever you go this April!

"Decide that Money Is Important. Anyone who says that money isn't important doesn't have any! Rich people understand the importance of money and the place it has in our society."

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