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Issue 36 | October 2009
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Happy Thanksgiving!

[Our Halloween Pumpkins!]Wow, it's November already! In Seattle, it is getting chilly outside, and the air has a hint of winter. The streets have turned into beautiful colors of yellow, red, and brown, having been covered with the autumn leaves, and, of course, the rain has started.

While Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed and American Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I want to shout out a "Happy Thanksgiving!" to you! It is a great reminder for us to be gracious of all that we have to enjoy, right now. Perhaps take a moment to take a look around, and allow yourself to absorb in the greatness all around you. We live in a such an abundant world, and no matter where you are, thank you for being a part of my world.

The cool air also reminded me to purchase a set of snow chains for my car (found a great deal at Amazon.com) so I am ready for the snowboarding season! I am really looking forward to all the exciting things that are on their way!

Cruise Night to Tillicum Village

[At Tillicum Village]Just before summer ended, my division at Microsoft had a dinner cruise event for all the employees. It was a way for us to celebrate a great year of work with an evening of fun.

I was really glad that Julie came to visit me that weekend and we could spend the evening together at the dinner cruise. The cruise left Pier 56 in Seattle, and headed west toward Blake Island on which Tillicum Village resides. It was an evening with great company, and together we enjoyed a great view of Puget Sound and Seattle downtown, as the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean. The boat ride was about an hour long, and by the time we reached the island it was dark.

On the island We enjoyed a wonderful salmon dinner and a native American stage show. Overall it was a very special evening with that special someone. If you are interested in finding out more, you can visit http://www.tillicumvillage.com/ for more information.

Extreme Wealth: Keith Cunningham's Insights

[Keith Cunningham at Extreme Wealth]I learned about Keith Cunningham first through a recorded interview done by Robert Kiyosaki, included as a part of the Cashflow 202 game. I saw him as a speaker at Peak Potentials' Gorilla Business School seminar in 2007, and he made a great impression on me. He looks to be an older gentlemen, and speaks a noticeable Texan accent; and what really made me pay attention was his charisma. He spoke with confidence and conviction, and his words are embedded with experience and wisdom. Needless to say, I really look up to him.

It was a pleasure to see him again at Peak Potentials' Extreme Wealth event this year. He shared a lot of his wisdom during his talk, and what I enjoyed the most was the marbles game.

The Marbles Game is a simulated trading game, and everyone in the audience participated. You, as a player, start out with $100,000 paper money, and during each trial, you either win or lose the amount of money you risk. For each trial, Keith drew from a bag of 10 marbles: 6 of which are green and are winners, and 4 of which are clear and are losers.

The first marble he drew was a green one. Everyone doubles their money and the air was electric. "It's a GREEN again! Everybody WINS!! From the looks of things it will just keep going up and up! If I were you I'd put ALL my money in!" He was playing the role of a financial advisor. The marble came out clear. "Oh NO!" he screamed, "I guess you better put DOUBLE your last bet to make up for it!"

At the end of the game, he asked how much money people made. He interviewed a young man who lost it all at around the 6th round, and gave him a copy of his book, Keys to the Vault. "You need one of these." Keith said. Then, he look for the person who made the most amount of money. "You need one of these, too, you betted too much!" he also gave her a copy of his book.

As Keith Cunningham put it, making money is boring, and the best way to play the game is to have a rule of how much to bet, and stick with it, leaving out the emotions. Do you have a systemetic approach to your business, trading and investing? More importantly, do you stick to it?

"Consistent execution is the NUMBER 1 competitive advantage!" -- Keith Cunningham

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