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Issue 39 | February 2010
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A Busy February

[Will at the Olympic Flame for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic]Happy Chinese new year!

It was a February full of events this year. I went back to Vancouver to visit my mom to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Chinese New Year, also know as the Spring Festival, is a time for celebration and for family -- it is the biggest of the major Chinese holidays for which family get together. We had a wonderful feast at a family friend's place to celebrate.

During Chinese new year, we celebrate for a year to come with many symbols; for example, the word "fish" sounds like "leftover," which symbolizes abundance, so it is traditional to have a fish dish on new year's eve, and it would not be finished to symbolize having an abundance of food leftover every year. People visit friends and family to wish them good fortunes and prosperity over the 15-day celebration.

[Will at the Olympic Rings at Stanley Park]This year, Chinese new year's day happens to fall on Valentine's day, it was also the first weekend of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The city was absolutely buzzing with excitement, especially in the downtown area where some streets are closed for the events. Julie and I had the chance to explore the festivities and visit the Olympic flame at the new Convention Centre at the Waterfront. It was so exciting to just be in the city; I have never seen so many people walking around the streets of Vancouver! After the afternoon visit, we headed to Stanley Park for a lovely dinner at the Fish House. What an Olympic experience that was!

Selena's Real Estate Event

On February 6ht, My mentor in real estate, Selena Barrett, came from Edmonton to Vancouver to put on a seminar about real estate investing. There were many speakers who spoke about real estate investing, as well as shared their expertise in financing, accounting, and joint-venture strategies.

So why invest in real estate? In simple terms, I invest in real estate because it is a great vehicle for growing money, as well as generating passive income through rent. As Canada's economy stabilizes, it is a great time to start purchasing real estate investments again. Over the next few issues, I will share some of my real estate research for your reading pleasure, and I am certain it will get you excited about what is currently availabe on the market!

The Water and the Rice Experiments

[Water crystal with the Thank You label]During the month of December, my chiropractor, Dr. Mark Thompson, ran an experiment inspired by what is known as the Messages from Water, a research project done by Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan.

Have you heard of the water experiments and have you seen the results? Dr. Emoto took samples of clean and polluted water, froze them and observed the water crystals. He then decided to see what effects vibrations have on water, so he played different music to the same water samples. The results were quite astonishing: Beethoven's Symphony creates beautiful water crystals much like the clean water sources, while heavy metal music created water crystals that look like the polluted water crystals.

What is most amazing is the results of posting words, phrases, and people's names on the container. While phrases like "I hate you," "I will kill you" produced results like the polluted water, phrases like "love," "thank you," and even "mother Theresa" created beautiful water crystals, showing how vibrations of thoughts affect the water crystal formations.

[Results of the rice experiment]Considering our body is about 60% water, what effects do our thoughts have on our bodies?

So my chiropractor left at the reception desk three cups of cooked rice. On the cup they are labeled "thank you," "I hate you," and "I love you." After 2 weeks, the rice in the middle cup has molded, while the other two are well preserved (and I'm certain they taste great, too!). Isn't it amazing how much thoughts manifest and affect the physical world?

"Whatever you want, that you do not yet have, is outside your comfort zone."

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