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Issue 40 | March/April 2010
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Richard Bandler Live in Orlando

[Julie, Richard Bandler, and Will]Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the founders of NLP in seminar. You may know that I have been studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming the last couple of years and completed my Master Practitioner certification; I found out in December that Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP, would be holding two seminars and I was very excited about the opportunity! So Julie and I flew out of Seattle on February 21, headed toward sunny Orlando, Florida to see Richard Bandler live, in Persuation Engineering!

During the 3-day seminar, Richard did what he does best -- telling lots and lots of stories. He told fun stories, he told educational stories; he told entertaining stories, and we laughed. A story that really stood out for me had to do with his previous job working as a car salesman.

He was working for a car dealership during the (first) oil crisis. In fact, he applied for the job after seeing that there were no customers on the lot. Then he would take a car out for a drive, and not too long later he would bring back someone, and they'd sign the papers and buy the rather large luxury car! The other salespeople were amazed -- "Where did you go?" they asked. "OUT! The customers are not here, so I had to go OUT, where they are!"

Across the street was the Toyota dealership, where people were shopping for gas-savers. You see, this is back when Toyotas were not as reliable as they are built now, so he would go across the street, "Pssst!" Richard waves over a shopper, "Pssst! I see you don't love your wife." "What do you mean? I LOVE my wife!!" "Then, you don't love your kids." "Of course I love my kids!" "Then, why else would you put them in one of those cars? What you need is a nice, big, safe care, with lots of room for them. And now that we're running out of gasoline, and whatever you drive we'll run out anyway, we can install for you a second gas tank in the trunk so you car can run even longer!"

Talk about persuation! I had a chance to review and practise some of the NLP I have learned, also learn how it can be used practically. It was certainly a treat to see Richard Bandler live!

Disney World!

[Julie, Tigger, Will, and Winnie!]After the seminar, Julie and I decided to take a week off and visit the famed Disney World Resort since we're already in Orlando! Disney World is a gigantic area composed of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and many many hotels, and it is one of the most well known resorts in Orlando area.

Even though I have been there when I was much younger, I don't actually remember much of it, aside from getting lost in EPCOT, one of the theme parks! There was a pyramid I really wanted to go and visit, and when my family is done looking through some exhibits, I decided to lead the group back to the pyramid -- only they didn't follow! I couldn't speak English very well at the time, and the place was much too big that I thought it was much less likely that I would find my parents if I moved, so I just stayed in place and cried! Interestingly enough, eventually I decided I wasn't getting found where I was, so I started moving to look for familiar faces, and it was not too long before I found my cousin!

There was not as much drama this time, just us mapping out the best way to visit all the rides and exhibits in the 5 days we have. Fortunately it was not super busy in February, and most of the rides we were able to get through the line-up in 10 minutes. The most memorable was definitely spending time with someone I love and care about. The most memorable ride? It was the Hollywood Tower at Hollywood Studios theme park. You see, I have always been a thrill seeker so I did not read ahead on what I was getting into. I was very impressed when the elevator got off its original tracks and started moving forward, and that soon turned to fear when the whole elevator dropped!

If you visit Orlando, I would definitely recommend visiting Disney World! I even have some tips for you if you want to beat the line ups! ;)

A Visit Home, to Taiwan

[Will and Julie at the Chiang Kai-Shek Monument]I have a great chiropractor, Dr. Mark Thompson, who carries himself very well and has a great sense of humour. I love going to his office and I end up referring many friends and even random people to him. It turned out that I referred the most people to him at his office last year and won a referral contest! I earned free travel for two, so I decided to take Julie to visit Taipei, where I was born -- the trip also gives me a chance to visit Shanghai, and for her to go home to Hefei in Anhui province.

It has been more than two years since I last visited Taiwan, it was the trip I took when I was changing jobs. Since then, I have been learning about myself and accepting myself, and this time I went back with the intention to learn more about where I came from.

Even though I have lived mostly in Canada and the US in the last 14 years, I did spend the first half of my life in Taiwan. I remember the first time I went to visit Taiwan after moving to Canada, it had been 11 years and I was afraid I couldn't speak Mandarin well! Yet the moment I stepped into the waiting room, waiting to board the plane, the language came back to me, and it felt like home; it was possible one of the most impactful and touching experiences I have had in my life, realizing I had not truly been home.

This time around, I took Julie around to visit some of the places from my childhood as well as to try out the foods I grew up on. After she left Taiwan to Mainland China, I had some time to spend with my father, and I even managed to find a childhood friend, whom I hadn't seen since I moved to Canada 14 years ago. It was so wonderful to exchange stories, see how much things have stayed the same, and how they have also changed.

Oh, you can see some pictures of our Taiwan trip online.

The last two months have been full of traveling, and I am back to my regular schedules! For the May issue I will be reporting on my preparations for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Seattle, the Vancouver Sun Run, with lots of beautiful spring sun this year!

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